Packaging and transport

Safety in terms of transport of goods is our imperative. We deliver products to the address of the client in Europe and the world. For that, it is crucial before all adequate means of transport, but also the process of loading or unloading of goods. We can proudly say that we own vehicles for all types of goods and adequate equipment and machinery for unloading/loading of goods for your needs.

To significantly improve the safety of goods transport, within our service we also included packaging. For the needs of our clients, we have the opportunity to offer you all types of packaging, various materials, additional products for the protection of goods during transport, foils, bags, box, pallets, and more.

Each good during transport require a particular type of insurance for safe transport. The list of our clients also includes many cultural institutions, whose artistic values ​​are safe transported to many European and world cities.

The type of goods that need to be adequately packaged and transported efficiently is not an obstacle for us. We strive to provide customers with adequate packaging that is in line with the nature of the goods themselves and which is protects during transport both from breaking and from moisture leakage.

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