Jomi-ing is a company that monitors modern technological procurement, procurement of modern machines from renowned American, Japanese and European manufacturers, as well as tools that match the same machines, thus performing numerous extremely complex, precise, and demanding tasks by the needs of our customers.

Wide range of production and assembly of assemblies and products for various industrial needs: automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, optical industry, aero industry, medical industry, and others

The combination of youth and experience is a significant factor in getting a good product. The masters who work on these machines are trained and skilled to work.

Scraping processes are performed on modern CNC lathes, CNC lathes with Y axis, Our lathes are capable of machining simple exposed products and can perform milling using the Y axis, as well as to drill holes in the center and outside it. Our machines contain axial radial supports, rod feeders, and conveyor parts. You can see more about lathes on the page.

We use two types of CNC milling machines, horizontal and vertical. These milling centers eliminate multiple setups and operations, thus reducing time and errors while producing cost savings for customers. CNC centers for horizontal milling are characterized by high accuracy and the ability to process many parts at once. These machines are most suitable for large production series.

CNC vertical milling machines perform functions that are the same as horizontal ones. For standard quantity jobs, we use vertical milling machines that have multiple pallets that allow the operator to place the parts for work while the other pallet processes the parts.

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